How it Works

Drain relining is a highly popular pipe repairing or replacing process as it offers a trenchless pipe repair and replacement option. It also produces instant results without causing any damage to buildings and existing infrastructure. The technique banks on technology innovation extensively and ensures effective results.

Our Unique Reliners

Pipe Core, the primary supplier of Melbourne Drain Relining, employs a unique pipe lining technology that allows both full-length relining as well as short patches. It is also flexible to boundary traps, reline with multiple bends, junction repairs, etc. The liners are capable of 90° bend capacity. It can easily be inserted by various methods such as inversion and pull-in-place method.

The Silicate resins and Epoxy resins are imported from Germany and suitable for both sewage pipes and stormwater. The strict German standards ensure you long-lasting results for your drain or pipeline needs for a trenchless sewer line replacement. We can also give you the full test data, conducted in Germany, for the no dig pipe relining supplies.

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The Process

  • Inspection and cleaning:The no dig piperelining process begins with an initial inspection using CCTV survey technology. The inspection helps us to evaluate the extent and the location of the damage for the trenchless pipe repair. After the inspection, we clean the pipes using high-pressure water jets. It helps us to make the internal walls of the pipes clean and even surface fit for the relining.
  • Installation of reliner: Resin is poured into the reliner and impregnated to the entire length of it to make it harder. Also, a deflated bladder is fixed or inserted into the liner. Then the reliner is installed inside the damaged pipe using a smart insertion technology. After the reliner is correctly positioned inside the damaged pipe, our professionals inflate the bladder to expand the liner. It finally takes the shape of a new pipe inside the damaged pipe or drain line. Subsequently, the bladder is removed, and the reliner is ready for the use.
  • Inspection post-installation: After the reliners are installed, we conduct an inspection and ensure that they are perfectly fitting to the drain line. It is particularly important when making a patch relining or using multiple small sheet liners, instead of a long one. It is also helpful to make a before and after comparison of the work completed.

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