MDR offers an inspection and quote on your sewer or stormwater lines, whilst onsite we take the time to run through potential issues with our clients, using our camera and large monitor we explain the issues and also provide multiple solutions to rectify. Over the year, we have found that spending the extra time with our clients and helping them understand these problems, so it doesn’t leave them confused and also reiterates our focus on customer service.

Our knowledge and experience working in civil construction allow our team to confidently design a range of trenchless solutions to service large diameter asset rehabilitation. MDR works with local councils through to Construction companies developing housing estates to provide these solutions whilst engaging tools like our environmental policy and implementing traffic management plans to ensure public and worksite safety is never compromised.

leaders in trenchless lining technology

We provide a comprehensive service and concentrate not only on our work quality
but also our customer service in projects.

We are the leaders in trenchless lining technology, we provide a comprehensive service and concentrate not only on our work quality but also our customer service in both our  projects.

Our team uses state of the art CCTV equipment designed for use inside drains and pipes…..
Plumbers use our pipe relining services as a means of repairing cracked, damaged even……
We are equipped with a large high powered pressure jet which has the ability to….



As a team of professionals, we use the most modern equipment and latest technology to give you optimal solution to the drain line issues. We want to make sure that you are getting the best option available on the market by choosing us.


We use high-quality liners that can give you a lasting and effective solution to your drain and sewer lines.


Our sewer pipe relining professionals are highly experienced in handling the draining line issues of various types of buildings from individual houses to multistorey commercial buildings.


We make an extensive quality check after every drain relining to ensure that our customers are getting comprehensive solutions to their repair or replacement needs. We understand that our work speaks for us, and we created a reputation as a high-quality service provider through our committed work over the years.


We continuously explore ways to offer more unique and innovative services to our customers using latest technology options and supreme service standards.


We take great pride in our work and our reputation is very important to us.

We take great pride in our work and our reputation is very important to us.


We are a specialised relining company that provide tailored solutions for any drainage issue. MDR is a relatively small team lead by two directors that have built the company around key fundamentals with the main ones being the quality of workmanship and the time we invest in customer service. Our team of qualified drainage plumbers have been together for many years.
MDR provide both a domestic/residential and a civil rehabilitation service.


We are tough to beat on price because we specialise in relining drains. So not only is our equipment of the highest standard, but our small team all the experience necessary to line even the trickiest drains.



Melbourne Drain Relining are the specialists when it comes to lining drains because that’s all we do. Our equipment and materials are all sourced from I.S.T in Germany; world leaders when it comes to relining. We use the latest technology and one of the only products that is Watermark Australia certified.



Melbourne Drain Relining are a small company consisting of employees that are all registered plumbers who share the same passion for workmanship and customer care as the owner. Over the years we’ve built a strong relationship with Pipecore Australia and this has ensured that we are always on top of the latest training and technological advancements.



Melbourne Drain Relining has fought the urge to expand in numbers concentrating our efforts on delivering the best possible service to our growing customer base. Quality control and a well-organized team are what has ensured MDR is where it stands today and it’s the customer that benefits from this.

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