Melbourne Drain Relining values the relationship between our team and the customer. We have procedures that we follow for each residential project we do. The first thing is not only determining the issues in your drainage system but also spend the extra time with the customer to explain the cause of the problem whilst reviewing the CCTV footage to give the customer peace of mind.

Melbourne Drain Relining is tough to beat on price because we specialise in relining drains. So not only is our equipment of the highest standard, but our small team all the experience necessary to line even the trickiest drains.


MDR offers a free inspection and quote on your sewer or stormwater lines, whilst onsite we take the time to run through potential issues with our clients, using our camera and large monitor we explain the issues and also provide multiple solutions to rectify. Over the years, we have found that spending the extra time with our clients and helping them understand these problems, so it doesn’t leave them confused and also reiterates our focus on customer service.


Once a CCTV inspection has been conducted and the issues located, we then choose the best method of rectifying. This may be a patch, junction liner or even one long continuous run.

Patching- in most cases, requires two points of access to the drain. One point upstream of the break/defect and also one point downstream. We then build a bladder to suit the length needed and cut enough felt liner to cover the area by 500mm each side of the defect.

The liner is impregnated/filled with a two-part epoxy resin and pulled over the bladder, we then use masking tape to roll up the liner and connect an air fitting to the bladder.
We pull the liner and bladder through the drain and use our cameras to line up the bladder with the defect in the drain, once the liner is in the correct spot we fill the bladder up with air and leave to set. After the liner has set, we deflate and remove the bladder, leaving a structural patch two times the strength of PVC in the drain. 

MDR has the ability to reline junctions, Boundary traps, radius bends and even bridge gaps between pipes where the drain has been completely broken away.C in the drain.


Deep open-cut repairs such as boundary trap renewals and emergency sewer main works are tasks we frequently undertake, along with developing project plans to conduct these works safely.

We have equipped ourselves with the relevant machinery such as various excavator sizes and also tip trucks so we can perform these works with out engaging other parties to compensate.
Our shoring and confined space equipment allow us to excavate and operate safely to depths up to 5 meters.