Looking for a fast and reliable drain relining service in Geelong that’ll repair your drainage issues? At Melbourne Drain Relining, we’ll meet all your pipe and drain relining needs in Geelong. 

Breaks in drain lines and pipes can become a common problem from a variety of different factors such as poor installation, pipe deterioration, and more. This can affect the way that your household or property functions and can become a hassle to fix.

 At Melbourne Drain Relining, we’ve created a relining method that simplifies the pipeline repairing process and will get your Geelong property back to functioning perfectly. We specialise in both commercial and domestic relining and maintain a safe work-place in the process. When you need your Drain & Pipe Relining in Geelong, contact our team at Melbourne Drain Relining.

What Is Drain Relining?

Our drain and pipe relining process is technology-driven which means it achieves results instantly. It requires inserting a new pipe inside the existing one to cover the damages. This means that our pipe repair option is trenchless – it won’t cause any disturbances to the building and infrastructure as there’s no need for us to dig down to find and replace the pipes. Want to find out more about drain repairs geelong? Contact our team today for more information.

Pipe Relining The Process

1. Inspection and Cleaning
Before we begin the pipe relining process, we must first conduct and thorough inspection using CCTV survey technology. Through this inspection, we will assess where the damage has taken place and just how bad the damage is. Once we’re satisfied with our inspection, we will clean the pipes with high-pressure water jets which helps to get the internal walls of the pipes ready for a relining.

2. Installation of the Liner
To install the relining, resin is poured into the reliner and placed inside the damaged pipe’s liner. It is installed used a smart insertion technology and correctly positioned to inflate and expand the liner. Eventually, it will take the shape of a new pipe inside the damaged pipe or drain line.

3. Inspection Post-installation
To ensure that the liners are installed properly and working as they should be, we conduct a post-installation inspection. We pride ourselves on our work and want our customers to have the best Drain & Pipe Relining services Geelong with optimal results. Therefore, we will make sure that our liners are perfectly fitting to the drain line and that they are fully functional.

The Benefits Of Drain Relining & Repairs

  • There are a range of advantages to choosing a drain relining service in Geelong, this includes:
  • Affordable and minimal cost as there is no need to dig and repair the lines
  • The process is non-disruptive and convenient
  • The reliner will withstand root penetration and leaks
  • Results are instant due to the technology that we use
  • Pipelines will be fully operational within just a few hours
  • Liner will form a protective layer for the pipeline to prevent any further damage from occurring, including corrosion

Why Choose Us for Pipe & drain repairs in geelong?

At Melbourne Drain Relining, our work is incredibly important to us. We work hard to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our service. Some of the many reasons why you should choose us include:

  • A team of trained professionals with years of experience in the industry
  • Proven customer satisfaction and a good reputation
  • Pipe relining experts with equipment and materials to match
  • Our method is quick and effective with no unnecessary disruptions

For high-quality drain relining Geelong services when it matters, contact our team at Melbourne Drain Relining.

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