Drain & Trenchless Pipe Relining

Pipe and drain line breaks and issues are a common form of damage to any building infrastructure. It happens due to improper line installation, tree root infiltration, pipe deterioration, and more. Regardless of the reasons, the damages in the drain and pipeline can make the functions of your home and business slowed or stopped.

Since most of the drain and pipelines are placed under the ground after digging it, drain relining and repairing the damages is not an easy task. Digging, sewer pipe relining and repairing is an expensive process and needs several days of work. This is where the pipe and drain relining process provides a simplified solution to the pipeline repairing needs.

What Is It?

Pipe and drain relining is a technology-driven process that produces instant results. It inserts a new pipe inside the existing pipe and covers the damages of it. Therefore, the drain relining technique delivers a trenchless sewer pipe repair option without making any disturbance to the building and other infrastructure. The technique is also useful in patching minor damages in the sewage or drain lines.

Advantages of Drain Relining

  • Minimal cost and effort compared to digging and repairing the lines
  • Almost no inconvenience and no downtime for businesses
  • Withstand root penetration as well as leaks
  • Produces instant results; it takes only a few hours to make the pipelines fully operational
  • Acts as a protective layer to the existing pipeline and prevent further damages such a corrosion

Relining Services by Melbourne Drain Lining

Melbourne Drain Lining are experts in providing highest-quality sewer pipe relining services to both residents and businesses of the city. We provide our services that can truly differentiate in terms of quality and affordability.

Our sewer repair services are permanent repairs for drain lines from 100 mm to 900 mm of diameter. We source the sewer pipe relining materials and equipment from the makers who are known for highest industrial standards in quality.

We have a few decades of experience in expert drain relining services and have a portfolio of thousands of highly satisfied individual and corporate customers.

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